Bonded Free

 Bonded Free


I released soul from imprisonment
I thought it to be right movement
How one  GWG Lawsuit can lodge it in captivity?
Can it have future with its continuity?

I gave full freedom to go in for wild search
It should have no room for complaints with heart ache
It has full right to breath in fresh air
There has to be clear move with intention very fair

Let me admit I have been lost in you
This is not idealism but very true
I have no means to prove it any way
The real feelings are very far and away

I may search all over again and again
I may be lost but energy to regain
I want to under go any amount of pain
I shall do nothing contrary and refrain

I wish it to be really free
Must provide me comforts under the tree
From where I can see clear and sky
With powerful wings straight away fly

I am lost with its simplicity
I fear no treachery or duplicity
It is there for me alone
It should never hit me as stone

I have put enough trust
It has to be there and must
I shall have choice to test the ground
A new love has to be found



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