Soft Cup Bras – The Ultimate in Comfort

Soft Cup Bras – The Ultimate in Comfort


Soft cup bras are called “soft cup” for good reason. They are comfy. Good fitting soft cup bras will match the shape, support, and comfort of an underwire bra.

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Furthermore, they do not poke, cinch, pinch, or irritate your breast like an underwire can. Soft cup bras contain no wires at all and come in a variety of colors, textures, materials, and designs.

Most bras, like the soft cup, are made to support, uplift, and enhance the breasts. I am surprised by the public perception that soft cup bras do not support the breasts. Most sports bras are soft cup. If many styles are made for sports, then they obviously can support your breasts.

Soft cup bras come in a variety of support systems. The compression soft cup bra flattens your breasts against your chest. They will not jiggle much; however, you may look like a uniboob. Many smaller chested women like this style. The encapsulation soft cup bra style has separate cups for each breast and provides the best shaping. Many of these have side support, bottom support, or both. They come with or without padding and are best for full figure women. Finally, there is a combination of encapsulated and compression bras. These are great for the average cup size woman.

A good fitting soft cup bra will uplift your breasts. They should be designed to lift them off the abdomen to allow for cooling and support. The girls should be perky. The main support should come from the band, not the straps. The band should be firm, thick, strong, and not overstretched. The cups should be able to contain the breasts without spillage.

To ensure a perfect fit, get the help of a qualified fitter or at least measure yourself through various online fitting tips. Remember to redo your measurements every six months. Bra sizes do change. Plus, most women are wearing the wrong size bra. When you try on a bra, bend forward, lower your cups, and let the breast naturally fall into the cups. Make sure that the center gore lays flat, without breast tissue spillage, and that the cups completely encase the breasts. Next, move around to make sure that you are not jiggling too much. Check to see that the upper portion of the cup is not hitting against your armpit.


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