Florida Photography Through the Eyes of a South Florida Photographer

Florida Photography Through the Eyes of a South Florida Photographer

One of the most lovely states for photography is Florida. With it immense waterways including streams, channels and quite possibly of the biggest lake in the United States, Lake Okeechobee. Florida draws in the absolute most assorted untamed life found anyplace.


In the Florida Everglades, a large number of plant and creature species can be tracked down in this huge blend of swamp and sawgrass flatland; including crocodiles, florida jaguars, bears, wild pigs, egrets, ibis, falcons and an assortment of fish. Florida’s “Public Everglades Park” is one of the greatest state jam in the country. The Everglades stream of water really starts close to Orlando with the Kissimmee River, which releases to Lake Okeechobee.


Water that leaks from the lake advances almost 100 miles south and 60 miles wide to South Florida and makes up the Everglades. This is a photographic artists dream for capturing birds, crocodiles and miles of tropical hardwoods and Florida photographer near me . Clyde Butcher is a notable photographic artist in the Everglades with his well known highly contrasting scenes.


Only 25 miles east and you wind up at the lovely Atlantic Ocean. On the water you can find a lot of pelicans attempting to get a gift from the numerous angler fishing off of the docks. With a speculation of a submerged case for your camera, you can investigate miles of a three reef framework that runs from West Palm Beach to Miami lastly to the Florida Keys.


One of my number one spots to shoot submerged photography has been Key Largo’s John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. The recreation area’s safeguarded waters include almost 70 square nautical miles of living coral reef and thousand of types of salt water fish. The water frequently brag perceivability from 100 to 200 feet.


It is the top objective in the United States for scuba plunging. South Florida is additionally home to numerous types of Parrots including the uproarious yet ample Quaker Parrot. They can be found in enormous herds in high trees gabbing away against blue skies. So therefore I call Fort Lauderdale my home. Living only a short ways from the Florida Everglades and a short ways from the Atlantic Ocean is what I would consider heaven as a Florida Photographer.

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