Choosing the Right Christian Book Publishers

 Choosing the Right Christian Book Publishers


Christian writers who have finished a title or two are at a loss on how to bring their message out to their target readers. Indeed, getting published is one high mountain to Free Christian eBooks   climb for those who are still greenhorns to the publishing industry. Selling a book to a publishing house takes courage; the chance of it getting rejected is as high as being accepted. Emotions of writers end up in pieces most of the time, because they try to send to as many publishing houses as possible without doing their homework first.

Selecting the right publishers is not about being picky though, but it is about maximizing resources that are often limited for the writer. Authors, regardless of religious background, get too many rejections because they submit to publishers at random. When they keep aiming for nothing, it is exactly what they hit-nothing. So that time, effort, money, and paper are not wasted in submitting letters and chapter synopses, the following are some tips that Christian writers can employ to get it right.

It is highly recommended to shop around for publishers at book fairs, especially if such events feature Christian book publishers. Book fairs are perfect avenues to learn more about the publishers and what kind of subjects and genres they are currently looking for. This is something that budding writers can do, even if they do not have a book project in mind yet. In fact, a book fair can be a source of inspiration and ideas, as writers get to know more about publishers.

There are book publishers who frequently release book titles that are within the writer’s genre and topic of expertise or interest can be considered as well. They are likely to read through the entire manuscript, because it falls right into their set criteria. On the other hand, there are publishers who are on the look out for fresh content, and they are usually open to authors who are breaking into the industry. Christian writers with a unique book project in mind may target these houses.

As book fairs are seasonal, another way to get acquainted with publishers is by researching them online. Joining forums and visiting publishers’ websites can go a long way in determining the right publishers. Also, there is a wealth of electronic book publishers in the Internet that writers can explore, especially if the content touches on the practical elements of the beliefs they are writing about. Subscribing to feeds and online newsletters can open up opportunities later on.



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