Improving Box Office Income – Win-Win Condition

The future shines bright for typically the movie watching local community in India. Box Office India booming economy, a new young audience profile, the start the multiplex culture in addition to increasing spending habits bode well for all stakeholders instructions movie exhibitors, film makers and the viewers. In the event the opportunity is usually seized and were upon together with the audience in mind, it could reap in profits for the participants.

The Indian motion picture industry, the most significant in the world with 1000 movies made every season, is pegged with an estimated Rs. 6800 crore which is expected to develop with a healthy rate of 20% each annum. A vital aspect for us is that the domestic box workplace revenues account with regard to 78% of typically the total industry revenue. The industry predict is pegged at Rs. 15300 crore by 2010 and is headed northward in the years to are available with India’s demographics – a human population with an astonishing 24 years as being the median age between more than a single billion.

To include to this circumstance, higher spending offers already been documented in eating out and about, movies and theatre, books and songs. With all the long term forecast for twenty five years looking so bright, movie market stakeholders could benefit tremendously by some sort of slight change found in customer focus and going clear to woo them. The key is that will the ratio regarding domestic box workplace revenues has to be guarded or even increased – more viewers should be ideally watching movies from the theatres.


A single of the reasons for the growth in movie observing has been credited to the quantity of cinemas that have been set up in the country thanks to a boom in store sector. Mall workers depend on getting footfalls through a new combination of brand food and apparel outlets as nicely as theater restaurants. Movies and amusement outlets are typically the key drivers with regard to the successes involving malls.

Despite the boost in theatres, for any nation of almost 3 billion acc̬s every year (weekly entry of regarding 55 million), Asia is estimated to have only 12, 900 theatres across the country. (CII РDSK Legal, Media plus Entertainment Industry 2003). As per an UNESCO report, Asia needs about 20000 theatres more in order to meet its requirement. 300 odd mulitplexes help the home box office profits.


The rise in options to view movies in places other than video theatres poses a threat. Audiences have a selection of watching videos in your own home on voice broadcasting, cable or satellite television television programming, DVD MOVIE or by pay-per-view. India’s home movie households, currently in three million, usually are projected to increase to about 13 mil by 2010.

Various other factors that reduce traffic to theatres are definitely the increasing costs of watching videos, travel, trouble of buying tickets and even a perception of lack of plenty of ‘value’ for the particular money spent.


With enhanced customer focus, movie exhibitors can woo the consumer back to be able to the theaters plus reap benefits more than the next twenty-five years. By easing the process of watching a movie, providing an excess incentive and adding value to the whole proposition, exhibitors have to gain smartly.


The motion picture audience is young and tech smart. Exhibitors should identify the need for alternative means involving ticket booking by way of online booking, cellular booking, PDAs, kiosks, ATM booking and many others. Once buying video tickets becomes like simple as clicking on the mouse, mailing an SMS or even drawing cash from an ATM, the general transaction value might increase – significantly as travel offers increased in Indian through online reserving.

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