Men – Look Your Best!

 Men – Look Your Best!


Looking your best has become more important to men in the 21st century than ever before. Women have been bombarded with images of how they should aspire to look for decades, and now it’s our turn. In our image obsessed modern world, beauty   if you want to be at your most competitive, whatever walk of life, taking care of your appearance is of the utmost importance. People with good grooming skills get more opportunities, get better job offers, and are more attractive to women. But don’t fret, learning to look your best is easy!

The first step is skincare. Looking after you skin helps you to retain a healthy, youthful glow, and keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Everybody gets wrinkles at some stage, but regardless of how much character they add to a face, when it’s your time I can assure you that you’ll want people remarking at how young you look! The most important part of skincare for men is how you shave. There are two obvious crimes: shaving too quickly, and using cheap disposable razors. Occasionally everybody will have cause to use a disposable razor – when you’re away from home, and you forgot your overnight bag, you don’t have a choice. The major shaving companies spend millions of dollars a year on research and development for a reason though – their top end razors not only shave smoother, but cause less damage to the skin. When you’re shaving your face, simply by taking your time, and using slow, measured strokes, you minimise the damage that you cause to your skin. If you avoid these two crimes, and apply moisturizer once you’ve finished, that’s a huge part of facial skincare covered.

The next step is how you smell. Deodorant is a necessity these days – if you don’t use it, everybody around you can tell. It’s not just an issue of the fragrance either – the fragrance does a great job of masking smells, but the most important role of deodorant is killing the bacteria that reacts to perspiration to cause body odour in the first place. Applying deodorant every day after you shower will stifle the growth of these bacteria, and prevent people from having to hold their noses when they walk by. Aftershave or cologne is the proverbial icing on the cake – if you want to be at the opposite end of the scale, and be the person people gossip about as “smelling good”, find an aftershave you like, and put on a squirt or two every morning before you leave the house

While this next tip isn’t strictly related to smell, another tip I give to men is not to use shower gel when washing their hair. 99% of shower gels will dry your hair out, making it look lifeless, which ages you in the process. Using mens shampoo (and there are plenty of shampoos designed for men) will make a big difference to how your hair looks – try it and see.



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