History of Ashton Cigars

History of Ashton Cigars

Possessed by a Philadelphia based venture and named after a notable and regarded English line producer these fine customized stogies are made in the Dominican Republic.


These stogies come in three distinct styles of flavor. The first is basically known as Ashton. Then, at that point, there is the Ashton Bureau Determination and the Ashton Matured Maduro. Each of the three are enveloped by Connecticut Leaf, albeit the Ashton Matured Maduro is enclosed by broadleaf rather than conceal, and is likewise loaded up with a Domincan mix. You truly should attempt them all to track down your very own inclination.


The Bureau Choice is the Slapwoods  of the three, because of the additional maturing of the tobacco. In the event that you favor a marginally more extravagant smoke go with the standard choice. In the event that you like a better stogie go with a Maduro No. 10. I for one suggest the standard determination however the choice of stogies is genuinely an individual choice.


Ashton additionally offers the Ashton Crown series which is made with just the most valuable leaves from the Chatea de la Fuente ranch. These unique stogies are dependably an extraordinary decision.


Ashton is most certainly my #1 kind of stogies. The quality and consitency of related with this brand is incredible. My most loved is the Ashton VSG, or virgin sun developed stogie.


Jeffrey Henderson



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