College Students and Spring Break in Sin City? Find Cheap Las Vegas Attractions and Free Shows!

 College Students and Spring Break in Sin City? Find Cheap Las Vegas Attractions and Free Shows!



College Students in Sin City on a Budget? Find Free Las Vegas Attractions and Shows and Have Fun During Spring Break With These Money Saving Tips!

When you think of Sin City (aka Las Vegas), money and luxury come to mind. So how does one get restoration las vegas   by in the city of sin on a college student budget of a few hundred dollars? Where can a college student find free things to do in Vegas when it has undoubtedly more luxury boutiques per square meter than most states in the United States? Where do you find cheap (preferably FREE!) Vegas attractions when it is second home to discerning travelers?

Sin City on a budget is possible if you know where to find free shows, free passes to museums, and walking tours that cost nothing. Here’s a few tips to help the typical college student save money and make the trip as affordable as possible:

* Let us start with your hotel room. Spring Break is not about staying inside the room so why even opt for expensive rooms that provide views of the skyline when you can also get to see the skyline when you attend the many parties normally held at the penthouses of most hotels? You can always choose 3 or 4 star hotels that are more budget-friendly.

* It may seem more convenient to rent a car to get around Las Vegas but walking the strip is undoubtedly the cheaper alternative plus the Strip has many attractions that you get to see closely while you’re on foot. You may also check your hotel if it offers free shuttle rides. Besides, renting a car can bring damage to your wallet!

* Spring break is the time when various artists do free Las Vegas shows and concerts normally sponsored by companies targeting college students. This is good bonding time for friends who need a break from hectic school life. There is also a free circus act held daily that highlights the center stage of the carnival midway at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino located on Las Vegas Boulevard. Different acts are featured everyday from 11 in the morning until 12 midnight. You can practically watch a different show each night and all this without spending a dime.

* The city is known for its elaborate dinner buffets but why bother when there are smaller and affordable cafes and restaurants that abound in this city. Some of the more popular ones that cost less than $25 per meal are pizza at the Caffe Giorgio Mandalay Bay, Gumbo and Caprese sandwich at House of Blues also located at the Mandalay Bay, Mexican f



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