Heer Kaur – Punjabi Actress, Model and Social Media Star

Heer Kaur – Punjabi Actress, Model and Social Media Star

Heer Kaur is an Indian actress, model and social media star. She is best known for playing Seher in the television serial NCR Days of the Timeliners. In addition to acting, she has also played the role of Anukreethy in the web series Who Is Your Daddy. The actress has been active in the entertainment industry since 2020. Heer Kaur was born on 29 June 1999 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She completed her graduation degree in fashion and later started a web series.

The actor began his acting career by modelling. However, he soon accepted acting offers and turned it into a full-fledged career. Heer Kaur has over one hundred thousand followers on Instagram and five hundred and thirty-five YouTube subscribers. She lives in Mumbai, India, and has been involved in two films. Kavita and Teresa is a film about compassion and love and is inspired by the life of Mother Teresa. In addition to acting, Kaur has starred in several short films and south films. She also excels in yoga. She will be appearing in the upcoming Hollywood feature film, Kavita & Teresa.

Heer Kaur was born in Meherpur, Khulna, India on 29 June 1999. She began her career as a model and began acting in 2020. She has appeared in various projects and has a large fan base on social media. She also has her own Instagram account, which features pictures of herself. With more than a million followers, Heer Kaur has a successful career. While she may not be famous yet, she is an undisputed star of the social media world.

Apart from acting, Heer Kaur has also released two music videos, Who’s Your Daddy? and NCR Days. She has also appeared in several short films, which have garnered more than twenty-five thousand views each. Her videos are usually three to four minutes in length. Heer Kaur is an excellent example of a Punjabi actress who never disappoints. It’s easy to get caught up in her music videos, especially if you love Punjabi music.


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