Jakstab github free.“精”准把握静态分析|科恩二进制文件自动化静态漏洞检测工具正式开源

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Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. There was a problem preparing your codespace, please try again. This repository lists static analysis tools for all programming languages, build tools, config files and more. The official website, analysis-tools. Static program analysis is the analysis of computer software that is performed without actually executing programs — Wikipedia.

The most important thing I have done as a programmer in recent years is to aggressively pursue static code analysis. Even more valuable than the hundreds of serious bugs I have prevented with it is the change in mindset about the way I view software reliability and code quality.

If you also want to support this project, head over to our Github sponsors page. Pull requests are very welcome! Also check out the sister project, awesome-dynamic-analysis. ApplicationInspector — Creates reports of over rule patterns for feature detection e. ArchUnit — Unit test your Java or Kotlin architecture. ClassGraph — A classpath and module path scanner for querying or visualizing class metadata or class relatedness. Secure your developments, enforce best practice and control your technical debt in real-time.

Integrates with Bitbucket and Gitlab. Prioritize technical debt, detect delivery risks, and measure organizational aspects. Fully automated. Could reveal bugs in the original implementation by showing Rust compiler warnings and errors.

Superseded by C2Rust. DeepCode’s speed of analysis allow us to analyse your code in real time and deliver results when you hit the save button in your IDE. Also work with Kotlin, Groovy and Scala projects.

Goodcheck — Regexp based customizable linter. Automatic PR code review; free for open source. Formerly semmle. Automatic code review for pull requests; free for public repositories. Counts lines of code without comments, CCN cyclomatic complexity number , token count of functions, parameter count of functions.

This is done by enabling the analyst to write their own custom queries. Can find hard-coded secrets, authentication issues, and malicious code like rootkits and backdoors. Prettier — An opinionated code formatter. Pronto — Quick automated code review of your changes.

Patterns can be described within the code or using a DSL. Putout — Pluggable and configurable code transformer with built-in eslint, babel plugins support for js, jsx typescript, flow, markdown, yaml and json.

Wraps pycodestyle, pydocstyle, PyFlakes, Mccabe, Pylint, and more. NET refactorings, including code best practice analyzers. Roslyn Analyzers — Roslyn-based implementation of FxCop analyzers. Integrates into Visual Studio and newer. Semgrep — A fast, open-source, static analysis tool for finding bugs and enforcing code standards at editor, commit, and CI time. Its rules look like the code you already write; no abstract syntax trees or regex wrestling.

Automatically finds business logic flaws in dev like hardcoded secrets and logic bombs. ShiftLeft Scan — Scan is a free open-source DevSecOps platform for detecting security issues in source code and dependencies. Improving developers’ productivity.

Similarity Tester — A tool that finds similarities between or within files to support you encountering DRY principle violations. History, trends, security hot-spots, pull request analysis and more.

Free for open source. SonarLint for Visual Studio — SonarLint is an extension for Visual Studio and that provides on-the-fly feedback to developers on new bugs and quality issues injected into. NET code.

SonarQube — SonarQube is an open platform to manage code quality. Helps find differences between architecture and implementation, interface violations e.

The Sotograph product family runs on Windows and Linux. JS, Ruby, Fortran, and Swift. Free hosting for Open Source projects available on request. Free academic licenses available. TCA consist of three components, server, web and client. It integrates of a number of self-developed tools, and also supports dynamic integration of code analysis tools in various programming languages. ThreatMapper — Vulnerability Scanner and Risk Evaluation for containers, serverless and hosts at runtime.

ThreatMapper generates runtime BOMs from dependencies and operating system packages, matches against multiple threat feeds, scans for unprotected secrets, and scores issues based on severity and risk-of-exploit. Checks containers and filesystems. Using GPLv3 license. Undebt — Language-independent tool for massive, automatic, programmable refactoring based on simple pattern definitions. Unibeautify — Universal code beautifier with a GitHub app.

Support all major programming languages: Java,. It is designed to help security researchers identify interesting functionality in large codebases. To the extent possible under law, Matthias Endler has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. The underlying source code used to format and display that content is licensed under the MIT license. Skip to content. Star MIT license.

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Aug 9, Bump serde from 1. Jul 6, Jul 7, May 28, Add tags. Feb 20, Commit list. Jul 14, View code. What is Static Analysis? Static program analysis is the analysis of computer software that is performed without actually executing programs — Wikipedia The most important thing I have done as a programmer in recent years is to aggressively pursue static code analysis.

All other tools are Open Source. The icon links to the discussion issue. It uses random search to explore the extremely high-dimensional space of all possible program transformations. Awk gawk –lint — Warns about constructs that are dubious or nonportable to other awk implementations. It is sound for floating-point computations, very fast, and exceptionally precise. Jenkins and Eclipse plugins are available. CBMC — Bounded model-checker for C programs, user-defined assertions, standard assertions, several coverage metric analyses.



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Service Charges for payout. Star In the latter half, we get our feet wet, and write four such static analyzers, completely from scratch, in Python. Capstone now dissasembles at the same time as Jakstab not sending dat… …. When distributing derived works, the source code of the work must be made available under the same license.

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