What To Expect At A Fashion Magazine Internship

What To Expect At A Fashion Magazine Internship

The film “The Devil Wears Prada” left many aspiring style mag interns questioning if the interning at a style mag is virtually the manner it turned into portrayed. It can be a wonder to many however maximum of what’s seen in that film is not an exaggeration; in any case, it become written via a person who worked for Vogue mag editor in chief Anna Wintour.


It’s A Seasonal Position


Of course every magazine will have a unique schedule. Top fashion magazines, like Allure or Marie Claire as an example, lease style interns for the season. Usually the fashion intern would begin in overdue December or early women in film  and work via May for the Winter/Spring season. If you galvanize the boss at some point of your style mag internship, they will hold you on longer.


You’ll Work Your Manicured Fingers To The Bone


One of the maximum correct elements of “The Devil Wears Prada” turned into the long hours that Anne Hathaway’s character had to work. The quantity of hours your scheduled for way nothing. Expect to paintings 12 hour days, maybe shorter, maybe even longer. Most of the paintings could be running errands, going to showrooms to pick up gadgets, answering telephones and emails, and organizing the style closet.


When your work is carried out plenty of instances you will be requested to stay later till the style assistants are finished with their paintings. And it’s incredibly unlikely that you’ll have any interaction with the editor; at Vogue magazine interns are informed never to look Anna Wintour inside the face and no longer to appearance in to her office. The fashion assistant might be your boss, but that does not mean they’re now not annoying.


Enjoy The Perks


After you’re set up for your style mag internship, you may get the hazard to fly throughout the u . S . A . Or possibly out of the country, much like Lauren Conrad of The Hills did for her internship at Teen Vogue. Part of your paintings will possibly include supporting on shoots and styling the models, which is a lot of amusing for any fashion loving female. And even interns are talented with excessive fashion dressmaker label objects from the closet.


A fashion mag internship in reality is not a stroll in the park, but it’s an amazing check to peer who can and can’t make it within the industry. And if you’re searching out a careers especially it’s basically the best manner to get your foot within the door.

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