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The best natural herbal supplements for your health and beauty

Check out the list of the herbal supplements that are most effective in terms of improving your overall health conditions as well as maintaining natural beauty

General Overview

Earlier or later everyone starts thinking about how to turn back the time and start taking care of health a little bit earlier. Based on a number of independent industry researches, the anti-aging market was grown from $215 billion in 2016 up to $270 billion in 2018, and is expected to grow up to $331 billion by 2021. The list of miraculous solutions includes masks, creams, serums, ointments and many other. In addition, herbal supplements have also continuously conquered the market, claiming to be able to reverse the visible aging signs.

Indeed, nowadays more and more people start looking for natural herbal supplements that don’t contain any artificial chemicals, which could possibly harm the skin. In fact, it has already been confirmed that better skin can be achieved with help of a combination of antioxidants, like vitamins A and E, lycopene, beta carotene, as well as omega-3 fatty acids and others. We have collected the top list of beauty supplements and health supplements that you should definitely try.


Dandelion includes a lot of vitamins A, B complex, and C in its content. Besides that, this attractive yellow flower has also high content of minerals like zinc, iron, and potassium. This flower can be fully utilized – from flower to the roots. For example, dandelion leaves can be put in sandwiches, salads, and even tea to make them more aromatic. Whereby, the roots can be utilized for coffee substitutes. After all, the flowers can be utilized for wine making.
Historically, liver fiver supplements made of dandelion leaves and roots were taken to sustain the liver function. If dandelion gets boiled in water, it can maintain urination in good conditions, maintain the skin conditions, and also resolve stomach related issues. Moreover, dandelion can assist with gall bladder issues, and improve the digestion as well as aid during the process of detoxification. Dandelion leaves can be applied in fluid retention supplements to support healthy fluid release.


Nettle represents a herbaceous perennial plant with flowers and multiples of hollow hairs that sting (i.e. trichomes), which are located on its leaves as well as stems and inject formic acid, as well as histamine and other similar chemicals, which cause a stinging feeling. Thanks to its high content of natural nutrients, Nettle has become a popular meal that can easily be steamed, otherwise consumed as a tea, which can improve the nutrition of pregnant or nursing women, as well as a tonic for a better health.

Herbal supplements with Nettle Leaf are well-known for its ability to modulate the inflammatory pathways in human organism and support the healthy conditions of upper respiratory tract (e.g. respiratory congestion supplements). Moreover, Nettle Root is also able to improve the healthy conditions of prostate function (i.e. prostate supplements).


Horsetail is another effective herbal supplement that can usually be found in moist habitat and non-chalky soil. Visually, it contains separate fertile spore-bearing and sterile non-reproductive stems, which grow from a perennial stem system underground.
Historically, digestion and intestinal transit supplements and antioxidant supplements based on this plant, were used for support of the kidneys, urinary tract and connective tissues. Since it has a soluble source of silica in its content, it can improve the conditions of skin, hair and nails. This mineral is the essential component that contributes to silky hair, as well as healthy skin and smooth nails. Besides that, it also contains flavonoids, glucoside, quercitin 3 and luteolin. Moreover, antioxidants assist in a healthy resilience to inflammations.


Turmeric (aka Shati in Sanskrit) is widely known and cultivated in India. Turmeric has historically been used for supporting healthy digestion, improving cardiovascular health conditions, as well as supporting the immune system. In Western herbal medicine, digestion and intestinal transit supplements as well as antioxidants supplements based on Turmeric were applied as an aromatic bitter as well as an aid for healthy functioning of liver, digestive function improvement, heart health, joint and muscle health.
In a number of independent researches Turmeric extracts have displayed satisfying pharmacological results. The general mechanism of Turmeric functioning is based on its antioxidant action. Curcuminoids act to remove damaging particles (i.e. “free-radicals”) in the body.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is another famous herbal health supplement. Thanks to silymarins, which are found in its content, Milk Thistle can assist in improving liver function and positively influence your well-being with effective antioxidant protection. Silibinin is a main constituent of silymarin and it assists in keeping liver function in healthy conditions via generating healthy cholesterol synthesis by the liver.

Moreover, Milk Thistle can also assist in maintaining proper functioning of kidneys and improving immune function in general. A number of independent researches have shown that prostate supplements with Milk Thistle also improve healthy functioning of prostate, and protects gastrointestinal tract (i.e. gastrointestinal disorders supplements) from possible damage that can be caused by free radicals.


Thanks to its sweetness and nourishing properties, Astragalus has generally been used for soups recipes, which aid recovery and overall reinforcement of human health conditions. This plant is well-known and widely applied in traditional Chinese medicine since long time.
Based on various independent researches, Astragalus contains Astragalosides (i.e. antioxidants) that are used in respiratory congestion supplements aid the healthy functioning of the respiratory tract. Besides that, the polysaccharides contained in Astragalus content aid the immune system strength. Astragalus based immunity-improvement supplements are also able to promote the functionality of deep immune system by increasing certain immune cells amount and improving its functioning. Astragalus is effective especially in cases when functioning of immune system is affected by endogenous or diversified environmental threats.

Ashwagandha Root

Ashwagandha (also referred to as Winter Cherry) is a part to Solanaceae family and has been widely used in traditional medicine for more than 4,000 years by native Indians, as well as majority population of Sri Lanka and Pakistan. This type of herbal supplements focuses on improvement of learning abilities and retrieval of memory. This famous herb is also known as “Indian Ginseng”, since historically it has been applied in cases of emaciation, debility, as well as premature aging and even impotence. If translate the name “Ashwagandha”, it means “the strength and smell of a horse”, which can be related to the aphrodisiac characteristics. Middle Eastern people use this unique sleeplessness supplements and inflammations supplements based on Ashwagandha to improve normal sleep as well as promote resistance to inflammations.
With help of natural health supplement, like Ashwagandha your organism will be able to deal with stress and save your energy, because Ashwagandha rejuvenates and enriches the whole body system, mostly the immune and endocrine systems.


Hawthorn berries and leaves were historically used by native people of America, Europe and China for medical purposes — as a tonic for the heart. Application of Hawthorn in a form of cardiac tonic (i.e. heart disease supplements) originates back to the first century and it was done in Rome.
Based on a number of independent researches it was confirmed that heart health supplements based on Hawthorn enrich the heart muscle with strength, improve the tolerance towards exercising, as well as maintain heart rhythm within healthy range.

The leaves of Hawthorn have a high content of flavonoids, while the berries are mostly enriched with Oligermericprocyanidins. Various experiments and researches have proven that once these two compounds interact with each other, the pumping capacity of the heart improves, as well as coronary flow of blood. In addition, this natural health supplement supplies enough antioxidants to protect the heart.


The sweet-scented Roseroot, has a long history of application as health tonic supplement in various European countries, like Greece, France, Sweden, Iceland and Russia. Historically, mental states supplements with Rhodiola were applied for enhancement of physical as well as mental health.

In overall, Rhodiola Rosea carries the main function of supporting the functionality of the adrenal glands. In addition, it also promotes the ability of body to respond on timely basis to different types of stresses that can be caused by emotional, physical or mental disturbances. It is basically achieved through maintaining of cortisol amount and other stress-controlling hormones at required levels. Patients, who take stress supplements with Rhodiola on a regular basis, have confirmed that their bodies could resist and adaptat to stressful situations.

Chaste Tree

Originally Chaste Tree was known as Agnus Castus. The primary application of this natural supplement was for various female issues related to hormones and gynecology. In Germany and some European countries, the extract of Chaste Tree is allowed for treatment of PMS.
The berries of Chaste Tree have been widely studied in various clinical experiments and the results conclude that hormonal balance supplements produced from Chaste Tree can keep the amount of hormones (e.g. progesterone) at acceptable levels. A number of various studies have confirmed the positive impact of the extract from Chaste Tree (i.e. menstrual disorders supplements) on menstruation cycles among women.

Black Elderberry

Black Elderberry generally grow in European region as well as Northern part of America. Historically, black elderberries have been used utilized for improvement of immune system (i.e. immunity improvement supplements). Back in the days, different tribes applied Black Elderberry extract for cooking, wine and syrup making as well as medical purposes.
Elderberry is reported to sustain and improve immune system as well provide the natural protection to the body and have antioxidant supply (via flavonoid generation). By exerting a cellular protection, Black Elderberry health tonic supplements reduce the possibilities of any radical damage or airborne elements.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola belongs to the parsley family. It generally grows in certain areas of the Himalayas. Gotu Kola is widely used by yogis for improved meditation and is very popular in India as one of the most spiritual herbs. Besides that, it is famous for its rejuvenating abilities.

Gotu Kola leaves and roots have been applied since long time ago for support of skin health, as well as nails and hair. Number of clinical trials have proven the beneficial dermatologic effects of anti-wrinkle supplements and anti-aging supplements containing Gotu Kola, like:

  • support of the connective tissue present in external body surfaces (e.g. scalp, skin etc.);
  • support of skin tissue integrity and maintenance of connective tissue;
  • formation of structural components in connective tissue;
  • keratization of skin;
  • support of blood vessel integrity and strength;
  • normalization of blood circulation.

Red Clover

Red Clover is among the most famous herbal supplements used nowadays around the globe. Its floral tea can improve the health of bronchial-respiratory tract. However, Red Clover has a wide application and can be applied externally as a wash, as well as internally in a form of tea or herbal extract. Thanks to its nutritional properties Red Clover is widely applied by people recovering after flu (in a form of tea made from the dried Red Clover flowers).

Red Clover is a very effective health supplement and can also improve lymphatic function, as well as immune system (i.e. immunity improvement supplements), overall skin and also appropriate functioning of endocrine system. Its content includes daidzein, genistein and biochannin-A, so in order to receive the maximum use of Red Clover, it is best that you use it in pure form (tea or extract), so that it can deliver its natural nutrients to your body in a bigger amount. Menstruation supplements with Red Clover are very useful for women, who suffer from menstrual irregularity or menopause.

Kava Kava

The exotic herbal supplement called Kava Kava originates from Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa, Hawaii and Tonga. Around those areas its original name is Awa. It belongs to the Pepper family (i.e. Piperacea). Its application has a long history and it was applied for diversified purposes. Oceanic population appreciate Kava Kava and its positive impact on health and relaxation.

Phytochemicals contained in Kava Kava, like kavalactones mostly contribute to its positive functioning. A number of clinical studies have revealed the positive impact of Kava Kava on lung tissue healthiness as well as nerve tonic supplements based on Kava Kava supporting the nervous system. Nervous disorders supplements based on Kava Kava have relaxing and calming effect on human body and can be of a great use during periods of sudden stress.


Maca originates from the Peruvian Andes and is coming from the brassica (i.e. mustard) family. Maca was originally cultivated around 2000 years ago in a form of root crops. Its application covers nutrition and medical purposes. It still can be found in wild nature of such locations as Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay and others. Back in the days, people believed Maca to have aphrodisiac effects, while increasing sexual drive for both humans as well as domestic animals, who were affected by its reduction due to life at high altitudes.

Oral health supplements based on Maca contain adaptogen, which improves overall health conditions. Moreover, the roots of Maca are famous for normalizing energy within human body (i.e. energy supplements), improving the endurance and boosting up libido.


Oregano is another very popular plant that grows across the Europe, as well as the Mediterranean and southern part of Asia. With help of tiny hair (i.e. trichomes) covering its surface Oregano manages to reflect the burning sunrays and defend it from oxidation. The essential oils as well as phenols are the acting agents in these processes. Historically, oregano was used in cooking as well as to maintain the meat in good conditions.

The reason why oregano is widely used for various health tonic supplements, is because it contains key constituents, which back up the natural resistance of human body. The volatile oils contained in oregano, are rich in potent phenols, as well as thymol and carvacrol, which assist in maintaining a healthy microbial environment inside human intestines (i.e. intestines supplements) and the entire body as well.

Olive Leaf

The famous tree that is always green originates from the Oleaceae family. Historically, it was cultivated and used for more than three thousand years by ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Olive was applied in cooking as well as medicine, and even declared to be the symbol of peace, goodness and purity.
The heart health supplements with Olive Leaf are known to have a positive impact on heart function. Oleuropein compounds contained in the Olive Leaf extract, are used in immunity improvement supplements to maintain the functionality of immune system and provide protection with antioxidant. Besides that, Olive Leaf keeps blood sugar levels within acceptable limits and maintains healthy bacteria contained inside the gastrointestinal tract at healthy norms.


The origins of Acerola are coming from the Yucatan Island. By now it is already growing in sub-tropical zones of Southeast Asia, South America, India. The largest plantations or Acerola are in Brazil and from there it is distributed to other countries in South America. This tree can be easily distinguished by a bright red color of its fruits, which look like cherries. In fact, the fruits of Acerola contain a high percentage of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which makes it more commercially attractive as a nutritional problems supplement that can decrease oxidation and act as a preservative (i.e. antioxidant supplements). Moreover, Acerola fruit contains more vitamin C than other fruits, e.g. cashew, pineapple, kiwi, guava, lemon, orange, or strawberry. Immunostimulant supplements based on this exotic fruit work effectively to improve immune system as well as support respiratory function.


Yes, you have not mistaken – marshmallow can actually improve your health. However, in this case we are referring not to the sweet soft candy, but to a plant with beautiful white flowers.

This plant is originated from Europe and certain Asian countries. The root of Marshmallow can be dried and the sliced or powdered. In this conditions it can be a good aid as gastrointestinal health supplements. It was historically applied to aid mucosal membranes located inside the mouth, bronchioles and intestines.

Due to high levels of mucilage, Marshmallow root can exert a soothing effect on irritated mucous membranes. Diversified studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of this herbal supplement in conjunction with other herbals to sustain proper respiratory function (i.e. respiratory diseases supplements) when suffering from coughing.


Marigold is a bright yellow flower that is very famous in traditional medicine world. The flower of Marigold is known as “flower of the dead” in Mexico. Historically, it is cultivated by Aztecs and Mexicans to use during the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated every year.

However, this flower is far from being deadly at all. Vice versa – it is widely applied in medicine. The petals of flower, for example, can be applied in cuisine, for washing the skin, and as a yellow dye too. Historically, marigold was used to improve digestion and sustain the function of gastrointestinal system (gastrointestinal health supplements), as well as for maintaining immune function at proper levels. The dried flowers are rich in carotenoids and hereby can be fed to chickens to improve the nutrition as well as color of egg yolks. In gardening marigolds can be useful as well, because defend the plants from nematodes.

Most of vision support supplements are based on marigold, because the zeaxanthin and lutein are necessary for eyes functionality, and healthy vision cannot be achieved without that. Moreover, marigold is also known to exert a positive effect on foot tissue.


Likewise, as can be seen from the top list above, it is still possible to maintain your healthy look and overall well-being by using what nature has given to us. All we need is to be aware about available herbal supplements and properly understand their functioning to properly select anti-aging supplements, blood pressure supplements, anti-fatigue supplements and many others. All the extracts obtained from herbal plants, are able to address a wide range of health-related issues from gastrointestinal up to high blood pressure and stress induced.

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