Healthy and smooth skin is a dream of millions of men and women around the entire globe. There are multiples of methods claiming to have a positive effect. Some people prefer using creams, other go for medications or diets, while there are those, who prefer surgical operations to make their skin look smooth and healthy. However, the following herbal skin supplements are 100% natural and will do the work without causing any drastic side effects to your helth.

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  • Milk Thistle 250 Capsules


    Milk thistle by right occupies one of the main positions among health supplements, thanks to diversified benefits it creates for the body. One of the main positive effects is the successful treatment of liver damage caused by alcohol, fatty liver disease, hepatitis and others. Besides that, milk thistle contains promising effects related to brain function protection. In addition, milk thistle can also improve generation of breast milk. Moreover, milk thistle can assist in decrease of blood sugar levels among people diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes.

  • Pine Pollen Testosteron Capsules


    Pollen is generally generated by various trees, as well as flowering plants and also grasses and basically represents the male fertilizing component. Pine pollen contains such nutrients as: fatty acids; proteins; minerals (e.g. calcium, magnesium etc.); carbohydrates; vitamins (B and E vitamins).
    Thanks to the abovementioned nutrients, the health supplements based on pine pollen can act as anti-aging agents, slimming supplements that are supporting diet with help of antioxidants, reducing overall fatigue, promoting generation of testosterone and also curing such health conditions as various colds, constipation, prostate disease and others.

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    Pine Pollen Testosterone Tincture Liquid Extract

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    Pollen can be produced by different trees and plants with flowers. Pollen is generally referred to as male component responsible for fertilizing. The nutrients list contained in Pine Pollen includes: fatty acids, proteins, various minerals (like magnesium, calcium, etc.), carbohydrates, B and E vitamins. Slimming supplements based on Pine Pollen have anti-aging effects, and can act as slimming agents, which support diet via various antioxidants contained in it. Moreover, this herb can deal with fatigue, boost up testosterone and cure colds, prostate problems, constipation and others.

  • Sage (Salvia officinalis) Capsules


    Sage is a powerful health supplement that is also known under such names as garden sage, common sage and others, while its official name commonly found in literature is Salvia Officinalis. Among women Sage is famous for its abilities to ease the painful menstrual cycles. Whereby, the common cases of this health supplement application include: digestive issues, such as appetite loss, intestinal gas, acute stomach ache (i.e. gastritis), diarrhoea, heartburn, stomach bloating and others.

  • Stinging Nettle Root Capsules


    A powerful herb with an interesting name, Stinging Nettle has been beneficial for people since ancient times. The scientific name of this herb is Urtica dioica, which is derived from Latin word “uro”, which translates as “to burn” and is related to its leaves. Health supplements based on Stinging Nettle supply a various minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, polyphenols and pigments, which are essential for human body. Besides that, it may also assist in suppressing the inflammation, which helpful in cases of inflammatory conditions, like arthritis etc. For men this herb can decrease prostate size and cure enlarged prostate gland symptoms.

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    Stinging Nettle Tincture Liquid Extract

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    An effective herbal plant, Stinging Nettle has a long history of being used by people for treatment of various health conditions. Such an unusual name is justified by the burning sensations that can be caused by its leaves. Health supplements containing Stinging Nettle serve as a source of diversified vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, as well as pigments and polyphenols, which are necessary for proper functionality of human body. In addition, Stinging Nettle can reduce the inflammation, (e.g. arthritis). Men generally take this herb if they need to treat symptoms of enlarged prostate glands.