Earlier or later at some point in life all of us may face certain problems related to urinary tract. UTIs or Urinary Tract Infections are among most occurring health problems among adults of 25 – 45 years old. So, what to do, if you have got some problems with your urinary tract? These herbal urinary supplements can definitely do the work and improve your urinary conditions.

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    Boswellia (Frankincense) Capsules

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    Boswellia, is a type of heath supplements that is also known as olibanum. Boswellia capsules are produced from the Frankincense’s tree resin. Health supplements based on Frankincense can assist in reduction of Crohn’s disease symptoms. In addition, this effective herb can be very effective to treat ulcerative colitis via reduction of inflammation inside gut. Moreover, Frankincense may be helpful in reducing asthma attacks and relieve symptoms of asthma, like breath shortness as well as wheezing.

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    Cayenne Tincture Extract

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    Cayenne peppers belong to chilli peppers family and have a wide range of application, starting from cooking and ending up with medications. Slimming supplements with Cayenne peppers contain capsaicin, which is useful for metabolism improvement, as well as hunger reduction that is necessary for weight maintenance. In addition, Cayenne peppers are very effective in terms of digestion improvement and they can also decrease the risk of ulcers appearing inside the stomach.

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    Lomatium Tincture Liquid Extract

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    Lomatium belongs to the parsley family and represents a perennial herb, which has positive results in treatment of such health conditions as various colds, continuous cough, influenza, pneumonia, lungs damage, tuberculosis, asthma, and several viral infections. Health supplements containing Lomatium can be taken in cases of diversified bacteria types, fungi, and other viruses, which can result in infections. Other than that, Lomatium can also deal with sprains, bruises, broken bones and others.

  • Stinging Nettle Root Capsules


    A powerful herb with an interesting name, Stinging Nettle has been beneficial for people since ancient times. The scientific name of this herb is Urtica dioica, which is derived from Latin word “uro”, which translates as “to burn” and is related to its leaves. Health supplements based on Stinging Nettle supply a various minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, polyphenols and pigments, which are essential for human body. Besides that, it may also assist in suppressing the inflammation, which helpful in cases of inflammatory conditions, like arthritis etc. For men this herb can decrease prostate size and cure enlarged prostate gland symptoms.

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    Stinging Nettle Tincture Liquid Extract

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    An effective herbal plant, Stinging Nettle has a long history of being used by people for treatment of various health conditions. Such an unusual name is justified by the burning sensations that can be caused by its leaves. Health supplements containing Stinging Nettle serve as a source of diversified vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, as well as pigments and polyphenols, which are necessary for proper functionality of human body. In addition, Stinging Nettle can reduce the inflammation, (e.g. arthritis). Men generally take this herb if they need to treat symptoms of enlarged prostate glands.